Migration and development

Festival d'Europa – draft proposals by the migration group at the RSCAS

Migration and development

The discussion around migration is often centered about the impact (social, cultural, economic) upon the countries of destination, while little attention is devoted to the causes and effects of migration upon the origin countries. This module discusses the relationship between migration and development: is migration the by-product of the lack of development opportunities at home? Does migration contribute to or hinder the development of the countries of origin of the migrants? We will discuss the potential development contribution represented by remittances (the monetary transfers that migrants send back to their home countries), the issue of brain drain (loss of qualified workers, especially is some critical sectors such as health care), the possible transfer of knowledge from destination to origin countries, in particular through diasporas’ and migrants’ networks, and migration policies in the states of origin to manage migration and to develop relations with their citizens abroad. This will help us to understand whether a greater openness to migration can represent a way to reduce the global incidence of poverty.

Languages: English and Italian


Thibaut Jaulin, Simone Bertoli

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