European migration history

Festival d'Europa – draft proposals by the migration group at the RSCAS

European migration history

The proposed module will draw on the lessons from the various theories of migration to analyze the way in which Europe’s human landscape has been modified by migratory flows and the social, cultural, political impacts these in- and out-flows have originated in the course of history. The lecture will discuss to what extent and in what manner population movements have been forging states and societies and will reflect upon the role of mobility as a key dynamic in globalization. The main aim of the module is to provide students with effective tools to develop critical thinking on human mobility and contemporary public perceptions of migration and migration policies.

Specifically, the module will also touch upon the 19th and 20th century emigration out of Europe, and on post-WWII immigration to European countries.

Languages: Italian and English


Guido Tintori

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