PAVILION EUROPE - 20 events for Europe 2020 in Piazza Signoria


From 6th to 10th May, the European Parliament Information Office in Italy, the Representation of the European Commission in Italy and the Department for European Community Policies of the Prime Minister’s Office, in cooperation with the MAE, participate jointly in the organization and set up of the Padiglione Europa in Piazza della Signoria in Florence. In the exhibition stand various events and workshops will be held, addressed to the general public and focusing on some of the most significant topics and policies for the EU citizens. In addition to this, inside the structure, the citizens will have the possibility of both asking for specific information on rights, opportunities and financing that the various EU programmes provide for, and meeting and talking with specialized staff employed at the main European Commission Information Centres in Italy.

Four events every day at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 4 p.m. and finally at 6 p.m., a lot of speakers, teachers, experts, European officers, members of the European Parliament, as well as young volunteers, students and citizens, will hold dissemination meetings linked by the underlying theme of the Europe 2020 Strategy and its initiatives – a guiding light for a smart, sustainable and inclusive development.

All the events are in Piazza Signoria in Florence.

Events for Europe 2020 Friday 6th May
Europe in the schools: project EUROPE = US  10.00
The Europe of the young: pre-launch of Youth on the Move  12.00
Europe at the service of citizens: EU network and information centers  16.00
Europe at the service of citizens: EU Documentation Centers  18.00
  Saturday 7th May
The Europe of mobility for work and study  10.00
Manifesto for EU: the cost of non Europe  12.00
Digital Europe: Digital agenda  16.00
The Europe of rights for passengers and consumers  18.00
  Sunday 8th May
Efficient Resources: a roadmap for Europe  10.00
Asylum and Immigration  12.00
The Services Directive  16.00
The LUX Prize. The benefits of multilingualism for employment  18.00
  Monday 9th May
Live broadcast of the Conference on the State of the Union  9.00
European careers  11,30
Europe for young people  14.00
The Internal Market: services on citizens' rights  16.00
The Culture Programme 2007 - 2013  18.00
  Tuesday 10th May
Globalization: an industrial policy for Europe  10.00
2011 European Year of Volunteering: active citizenship projects  12.00
The Union for innovation  16.00
The Economic issues  18.00


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