Research goes on

The high training research opportunities provided by the European Union are many and diversified. For a long time, the ‘Marie Curie Actions’ have been one of the most known and appreciated elements of the EU framework programmes for technological research and development. They achieved great success by meeting the training, mobility and career development requirements of the European scientific community.

Together with other financing tools, they represent a privileged channel for European researchers thanks to the extent of the involved research areas.

The meeting “Research goes on: EU-financed post-doctoral education opportunities" will be held on 9th May at 3 p.m. at the pole of Social Sciences before teachers and researchers and, through the experience of the latter, the current situation of the Marie Curie programme and the modalities to use scholarships by students and graduates that want to undertake a high training research path at European level, will be outlined. Similarly, during the meeting also other high training opportunities (Jean Monnet fellowship, Maw Weber fellowship) will be analysed, which are particularly directed to the social science area; the meeting will then end with a focus on the post-doctoral opportunities in this field.

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