Sergio Scatizzi, a painter of light and colour

Associazione via Maggio
Time and date: 
06 May 08:35 - 10 May 13:30

Sergio Scatizzi, one of the last figurative painters of the 20th century artistic tradition, is on show for the first edition of the Festival d’Europa, from 6th to 10th May at the Banca di Cambiano, in Via Maggio 84, in Florence. It is an occasion to admire the matter painting characterized by the strong chromatic outbreak of this artist who lived in Via Maggio for a long time. The initiative is promoted by the Associazione Via Maggio and the most ancient Istituto di Credito Cooperativo working in Italy, with the purpose of opening to the public in a new way and of feeling closer to the territorial reality.

Location:Banca di Cambiano – Via Maggio 84

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