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Tiziana Dassi (CDE Bocconi University), Francesco Garza (CDE University of Milano), Isolde Quadranti (CDE University of Verona), Laura Testoni (CDE Università of Genova)
Rete italiana dei Centri di documentazione europea
Time and date: 
07 May 16:00 - 18:00

The event provides for the presentation of the WIKI abEDCuropa of the Italian network of the European Documentation Centres. This guide offers itself as a tool in favour of the European digital citizenship. It is mainly addressed to university students and young researchers and exploits a format that young people know perfectly well: the wiki format (obtained through the Mediawiki free software) to inform them on the opportunities that the EU offers them through its information networks. Before the complexity of the information and documentation that the EU institutions produce, it is fundamental to facilitate the access of users to information documents characterized by high quality and relevance, through lean and flexible tools. In a surfing environment that is familiar, intuitive and continuously updated, the guide aims at favouring the retrieval of effective and select information on the most interesting topics for the recipients of the guide (services for research and education, job mobility, cultural and educational rights, etc.). The project aims at enhancing young people’s tendency to directly access information sources and to gain independence in the research path, combining it with the specific skills of the specialized document experts who devised, implemented and created Wiki. The presentation will focus on contents, as well as on technical and organizational aspects of the guide. The meeting will be attended by Tiziana Dassi (EDC Università Bocconi), Francesco Garza (EDC University of Milan), Isolde Quadranti (EDC University of Verona), Laura Testoni (EDC University of Genoa)

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Location:Padiglione Europa - P.zza Signoria

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