The costs of Non Europe

Giuliano Amato, Valeria Fargion, Roberto Castaldi, Antonio Baldocci,
Time and date: 
06 May 15:00 - 17:30

15:00 15.30: Prof. Valeria Fargion, Jena Monnet Chair in Political Integration

European - Faculty of Political Science - University of Florence - Dr. Roberto Castaldi School Sant 'Anna of Pisa. Presentation of the findings and proposals raised during the panel discussions organized for the conference series "The Costs of non-Europe"

15:30 to 15:40 MRI - Meridian International Relations presents Working documents produced during the workshops organized in parallel with the series of conferences

15:45 to 16:15 Comments and reflections of the Ambassador of Italy Pasquale Antonio Baldocci

16:15 to 17:00 Lecture by Giuliano Amato, "The European Union: it is possible to overcome the impasse?"

17:00 to 17:30: public debate

Location:Auditorium Novoli - via delle Pandette, 32

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