Air passengers rights: knowledge, concerted action and effectiveness of regulations

Speakers (tbc): rappresentanti da ENAC, Assaeroporti, Assaereo, Commissione Europea DG Sanco e DG Trasporti, Adiconsum, ECC-Net Italia ecc.
Centro Europeo Consumatori Italia e Adiconsum
Time and date: 
07 May 18:00

The event aims at introducing at a general level the theme of air transport: statistics, regulations and system criticalities, paying special attention to passenger’s rights. In particular, a permanent help desk will be arranged from 6th to 10th May at the Padiglione Europa set in Piazza della Signoria, to provide visitors with advice and assistance and to distribute information material.

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Location:Padiglione Europa - P.zza Signoria

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